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Dwaves are a race of short, men-like humanoids. Their sizes range to at least 2 to 3 feet tall. When the world of Narnia was made, Dwarves were called the Sons and Daughters of Earth by Aslan, creator of Narnia. This shows that Dwarves live in the underground mountains. Dwarfs exist in at least two varieties: Black Dwarfs and Brown Dwarfs. The Black Dwarves appear to be more selfish and warlike. Their beards (except for the females) are black. Though, female black dwarves always have black hair since they are called Black Dwarves. These ones are described to be a ugly since their noses are long. The Brown Dwarves are kind and loyal to Aslan. Their beards are the color brown, and described to be very beautiful then the Black Dwarves. They have been known to breed with humans to create half-dwarfs. They live in the country of Narnia. It is said that the Dwarves share a common ancestory with the elves.

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Disfas, (pronounced: Dye-faa) is a medium sized continent that lays to the south of Narnia . It is a three month journey for even the fastest of all ships. The climate of Disfas is tropical. It's average temperature hovers around 80 degrees and the hottest it gets is 120 degress. However it is much colder in the mountains Disfas is dominated by lush rainforests, and massive mountain chains. It also has a great many of white sand beaches. Disfas' mountains have rich amounts of natural resources such as iron,and copper. The continent suffers from hundreds of meteorite impacts every year, but this also serves as the most abundant source of starsteel.

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